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Are you Afraid of your Camera?

I get it! You purchased this big DSLR camera thinking you could take it out of the box and instantly create. Then suddenly it's like, what the f/stop is going on?!?! What is this mythical language, and why are there so many buttons?

Even turning it on feels overwhelming, but you love taking pictures, and know if someone could just break it down for you, it could "click."

I am here to guide you!

In 2007, I took a job in the photography industry and purchased my first camera. There I was surrounded by creative people, with a shiny new camera that made me look like an expert. However, I had no idea what I was doing. I watched videos on YouTube but couldn't get the pieces to click into place. Exposure seemed like a foreign language that I was never going to learn.

What will it take to get your camera out of auto mode?

First, you need to start by learning the basics of exposure and how the settings work together. You're in the right place if you need clarification on terms like exposure, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. I can clear that up for you.

Second, you must practice. Great news, it’s the best part. Developing your artistic talents and building muscle memory to work with the camera takes time. In the course (and monthly), you’ll be encouraged with fun Photography Homework Challenges to get out and make some art, for art’s sake.

There are three main settings you need to master in addition to understanding how they work together.

Here's what you'll learn:

01 Aperture

Do these questions sound familiar?

•What does Fstop mean?
•Am I supposed to shoot wide open?
•Why isn't the whole image in focus?
•Where are those gorgeous buttery backgrounds?

In this course, we'll break it down and explain how to go from shooting wide open to closed down.

02 Shutter Speed

You get the itch to switch to manual, but then every darn image is blurry…what gives? Why can't you capture something that is tack-sharp? It can be beyond frustrating, especially when trying to get those most important moments.

In this course, you'll understand why the blur happens and how to control it. Use it as an artistic advantage or move your settings to eliminate it.

03 ISO

Yeah, what is ICE-O?!?! Do you find your images are too bright or too dark? You can’t seem just to capture the light how it is. You know there is something you can change without using a flash.

Well, it's actually pronounced I-S-O, and in this course, you'll learn how it brings light into your sensor and helps structure the image you envision.

04 The Exposure Triangle

Once you understand the mythical language of the exposure, it's important to learn the balance and how changes to one setting affect the other two.

It is way less scary than it sounds, and with practice, changes to the exposure triangle become muscle memory, like riding a bike.

Hi, I'm
Tiffany Wichert

I once had a camera that made me look like a pro, but honestly, I had no idea what to do outside Auto mode.

Once I put in the work to learn exposure and practiced my heart out, I built an incredible portrait business and captured the love and joy of growing families for over twelve years.

Whatever your desire, professional, creative or the family historian. I want to guide you as you make the switch from capturing what you see to capturing what you want to create. Manual exposure allows complete control of the camera and full expression of your photographic creativity.

The bundle includes the course,
three additional lessons, a goal planner, 13 assignments, and printable guides! ($350 value)


Plan Your Photographs

Making the switch from aimless photos to creative capture.

Like a painter who plans their canvas or a sculptor with a vision for their slab, planning a photograph is a powerful way to ensure you create something meaningful.


Think Like a Photographer

Stop taking images and start making images.

When we consider our responsibility for our images, we see that, with a bit of extra care and craftsmanship, we can turn our captured moments into art that draws the user in and makes the image unforgettable.


3-2-1 Image Backup Plan

Safeguard your digital files.

If you love taking photographs, have deemed yourself the family historian, or are an artist of any kind, documenter, or memory maker, you must have an image backup plan. It's the digital age, and you need your plan to keep up with the times.


Photography Goal Planner

Dream big, and plan to achieve the things that matter to you.


13 Assignments

It's time to create.  The best way to learn How To Use Your Camera is practice!   


Field Guides

Printable sheets to tuck into your camera bag and reference as you create. 

Just $199!  It's time to take control of your camera and finally understand how exposure works. 
Included in this bundle:

✓How To Use Your Camera Course ($199 value)
✓Plan Your Photographs ($56 value)
✓Think Like a Photographer ($49 value)
✓3-2-1 Image Backup Plan ($29 value)
✓Photographer Goal Planner ($19 value)
✓13 Homework Assignments
✓Printable Study Guide for your camera bag

$350 VALUE for $199

What others are saying about us

"I have been asking Tiffany for years to give me photo tips. This course is beautifully written and easy to understand. The assignments were a blast and have me looking at everything in my daily life as art."
Twanda W.

"I get it, I get it, I finally get it. I have had this camera sitting in my closet for seven years, afraid to use it, and now I finally get it and am having a blast capturing everything from my cat to my shell collection. Thank you!
Mary J.

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